Convergence Research is steadfast in its belief that it is critical for us to continue to innovate and develop new technologies that will make our clients more successful.  Our founding partners draw from decades of software development and innovation experience – their expertise and capabilities set us apart from other wholesalers.

TESSERACT Data Extraction

TESSERACT Data Extraction is a software system that reads state and county criminal court records, collects the data, compiles the information and presents it in easy-to-understand reports. Using a sophisticated, proprietary algorithm, TESSERACT extracts and reads court records 24 hours a day, seven days a week and constantly teaches itself how to improve through machine learning.  It identifies court dates, dispositions and sentences, and collects the relevant data, even when this data appears in notes and unconventional fields and displays. This enables you to receive a report that is organized, thorough and accurate, so you can be confident in the research you provide your client.

TESSERACT Machine Learning

TESSERACT Machine Learning is a highly flexible and customizable machine learning solution. It can act on any structured data to perform regression, sentiment analysis and categorization.  Our team can build customized machine learning applications based on client need.  TESSERACT Machine Learning currently powers our Crime Classification solution.

TESSERACT Machine Learning White Paper

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Three Integration Channels Ensure Seamless Integration

Our expert programmers make it easy for your system to talk to ours. All of the Convergence screenings and functions are available via our service platform for both clients and researchers. To provide the maximum flexibility, we offer the following integration channels:

Convergence Web Services

Convergence offers our clients and researchers a custom SOAP API to perform system-to-system integration that provides the same features and functionality of the Convergence Client Portal. We offer a number of different formats, including HR-XML and a custom, lightweight protocol for integrators who don’t support the full HR-XML specification. For Client Webservice Documentation, C/WSDL is used and for Researcher, Webservice Documentation / WSDL is used.

Do you have your own format and don’t want to switch? No problem. The Convergence development team will work with you to develop a custom integration that preserves your format. You can rely on our experienced integrators to work with your IT team to deliver the best solution in the shortest amount of time possible.

CLIENT Webservice Documentation
RESEARCHER Webservice Documentation
CLIENT JSON API Documentation

Integrated Partners

Clients and researchers using our partners’ software platforms are already integrated and setup takes just a few minutes. Don’t see your system? We’re always looking for new partners! Call or contact us and we’ll reach out to your software provider to get you integrated!

Custom System-to-System Integration

Do you have an unusual requirement that has prevented you from integrating in the past? We can help! Our development team will work with your IT team to build a solution that works for you.


The Convergence Quality Process sets us apart from other wholesalers.  Our team can provide a demonstration showing you exactly how it can work for your team.