A Comprehensive Suite of Services

Pre-employment research is a dynamic, fast-paced environment with new products being introduced all the time. Convergence clients know we stay on top of the industry’s changing trends and data sources by continually offering new wholesale screenings. Convergence delivers fast, cost-effective research including criminal and civil records searches, database searches and address histories.

Criminal Records

Criminal searches include both county and state-level (where applicable) jurisdictions in all 50 states. Convergence leverages its Tesseract Data Extraction technology and an expansive network of trusted researchers to ensure that the research is highly accurate and timely.

Civil Records

Our civil records searches include nationwide coverage of both upper and lower civil courts. Civil cases are any non-criminal lawsuits filed by or against any individuals or businesses. These records may include the name of both the plaintiff and the defendant, the type of case, the case number and the status of the case.

National Criminal Database

Fast, low-cost, nationwide pre-screening tool to help you identify where a research subject might have prior records. With more than 200 million records and 18 million photos, the database includes information from counties, states, departments of public safety and corrections, and court administrative offices. It also includes the national sex-offender and predator registry.

Address History

Fast, effective screening tool that directs you to the areas where you need to concentrate to obtain the most relevant information on a person. Using a subject’s social security number, it scours public and private record sources to find previous addresses, alternate names used by the subject, dates at previous addresses and phone information, if available. It takes the guesswork out of determining what criteria to use and where to search to obtain the best, most thorough report possible.

Bankruptcies, Liens & Judgements

Our bankruptcies, liens and judgments service, provides a complete nationwide history of bankruptcies in federal courts and liens and judgments in county courts. It summarizes all civil actions in an easy-to-read format. This is an excellent tool to evaluate anyone who will deal with financial matters in areas such as banking, finance, insurance and accounting.  It is also well-suited for landlords, property owners and property managers looking for information on a renter’s financial status.

OIG & SAM Sanctions

Through our TESSERACT Data Extraction software we are able to help clients more effectively and quickly monitor employees on the OIG and SAM with real time, active searching capabilities.  This solution can be customized specifically for the client, including time stamps and screen captures of search, to ensure that they are most effective in their monitoring efforts while also being compliant.

Crime Classification

Are you looking for a way to provide additional, unique value for your clients? Many of our clients utilize our Crime Classification solution to offer Risk Factoring and Classification services to their customers.  Utilizing our TESSERACT Machine Learning software, we are able to streamline and automate this process for you and your customers.  TESSERACT is able to instantaneously and accurately classify crimes and charges in accordance with your client’s custom criteria and formatting.


The Convergence Quality Process sets us apart from other wholesalers.  Our team can provide a demonstration showing you exactly how it can work for your team.