The Convergence Quality Process

The Convergence team has created, through many years of experience, a comprehensive process designed specifically to ensure quality results.  The Convergence Quality Process includes four key process components:

Quality Assurance

Researcher Network Auditing

Compliance & Dispute Resolution

Data Security

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance team is a group of highly experienced, dedicated QA engineers utilizing custom built software designed specifically to ensure you and your customers get all of the information you need in the way you need it. Our team can implement custom rules and requirements within the Quality Assurance software and process based on your specific needs.

QA receives record from researcher

Software applies client specific rules to record

QA engineer processes record while fixing errors

Record is sent to client in clean, normalized, accurate report

Researcher Audit

Our Vendor Management department is responsible for maintaining and improving our vast researcher network. Through custom built software, our team is able to effectively audit our entire researcher network on a consistent basis.

Compliance & Dispute Resolution

Convergence understands how critical compliance and dispute resolution is for our customers. That is why we built a custom software solution to effectively handle any and all compliance and dispute related issues. The software allows transparency for our customers into our process by allowing customers access to real time status updates. Additionally, if a customer needs more information for compliance purposes our system preserves the dispute history in its entirety. This includes all communications between Convergence and the customer and Convergence and the researcher. Want to see how this works?

Data Security

We ensure the safety of the data we maintain. We have encrypted all the Personal Identification Information (PII) that we store and it is housed in our SSAE 16/ISAE – SOC 1 Type 2 data center. 100% of Convergence’s operations are located in the United States from our fulfillment channels, to operations, data warehousing, customer service and custom programming. You can rest assured that your data is safe and sound with Convergence

SOC 2 – TYPE 2 Certification Ensures Convergence Is Committed To Keeping Your Data Safe

The objective of AICPA’s SOC 2 – TYPE 2 Certification is to verify service organizations have systems in place to ensure the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of client data. The AICPA performed a thorough review of Convergence’s policies and procedures beginning with the handling of incoming calls, through the results researchers deliver to clients, and finally the controls management has instituted to monitor the overall process.

The AICPA’s review covered a number of Convergence’s policies that were especially effective in ensuring the safety and integrity of client data which include:

Management Philosophy

Senior management places the utmost importance on the security of personal identification information as evidenced by the creation of an Information Security Group that meets annually and reports to the Board. The group, under the direction of the Convergence Board, oversees the security activities of Convergence and establishes overall security policies and procedures.

Security Management

Consisting of a security officer and members, an Information Security Team is responsible for management of information security and closely monitors security procedures throughout the organization. They are responsible for developing, maintaining, and enforcing Convergence’s security policies including reviewing known incidents and patches as well as results vulnerability assessments and addressing necessary changes to policies.

Change Management

A formalized change management system is in place which requires identification and recording of significant changes, assessment of risk and the potential effect of such changes, approval of proposed changes, and testing of changes to verify operational functionality. Proposed changes are evaluated to determine if they present a security risk and what mitigating actions, including employee and user entity notifications, must be performed.

Protected Infrastructure

Convergence’s production system is made up of a virtualized environment. All machines are Microsoft Server 2012 or later operating systems with a Microsoft SQL Server as the backend database. The system is hosted at Flexential (formerly Peak 10) on a Dell VRTX machine with multiple individual computers and onboard SAN. The Flexential facilities employ backup power generators, air conditioning systems, fire detection and suppression systems, and environmental monitoring and alert notification systems.

System Access

Role-based security is implemented to limit and control access within systems. Employees are granted logical and physical access to in-scope systems based on approvals by appropriated management personnel. The ability to create or modify user access accounts and user access privileges is limited to authorized personnel. Employees access the system through the web-based operations console with access to any network resource restricted to the network or VPN sign on remotely. Employee access is monitored by video surveillance and on-site personnel, and it is controlled through the use or card reader systems, codes and biometric readers.

For additional information about how Convergence protects the integrity of client information, click here to download the complete SOC 2 – TYPE 2 Report.


The Convergence Quality Process sets us apart from other wholesalers. Our team can provide a demonstration showing you exactly how it can work for your team.